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Blue Devil Colors on This Nike Kyrie 3

Another year, another prospective release that's getting less-than-stellar reviews. Many have admitted to being a bit underwhelmed with the Nike Kyrie 3. In their defense, it doesn't quite attract attention the way previous models did.

Nonetheless, here's our best look so far at the upcoming third Kyrie model. The most apparent thing here would be the interesting patterning on the shoe's upper. Judging from the shoe's expectedly low profile, it makes sense to assume that the cushion set up is at least similar to the Kyrie 2. Also, we see continued emphasis on midfoot-forefoot stability.

Leading up to the Kyrie 3's drop next year, this colorway is very likely a shout-out to Irving's alma mater, Duke. Let us know how you feel about this colorway. And stay tuned to  as we keep you posted on any other forthcoming iterations.